La Divina Commedia di Dante

<i>La Divina Commedia di Dante</i>
I took this in Florence (Nov. 2010) at the Museo Casa di Dante

Saturday, May 7, 2011

Twilight: Talking Points #10

Talking Points #10
Connections: Grinner, Raby, Christensen

The blockbuster movie Twilight has a lot that can be broken down for the purposes of this class. I'd like to look at Grinner, Raby, and Christensen to draw some connections between these texts and the text that is twilight.

Let's be honest, I forgot to do this ahead of time, and I'm not going to pretend that this was done a couple of weeks ago. Grinner's SCWAMP is pretty well established. She came to class and discussed and did a forum. It put it in short, Twilight is a perfect example of SCWAMP and all that society values. The lack of LGBT representation, the clear Christian values, the lack of persons of color, the fact that only one person speaks with an accent - he is also the only person of color, that there is only one person with a disability and the main characters clearly rely on their ability as vampires and wolves, Clear male dominated cast, and Edward's family is very well off.

I also think that Raby and Christensen have something to say about Twilight. First, Raby.

It seems to me that Bella can really be described by the discourse of becoming. As she moves, she begins a transformation. She falls in love, this is all part of "growing" up. But the storm isn't escaping Bella. The whole movie is about her, the boys who want to love her, and the people who want her dead.

The last connection that can be made with Christensen and myths. A perfect example of this is how her parents talk to her about sex. Her father likes to believe that she is daddy's little girl and will never really grow up. Clearly daddy's little girl isn't having sex. Mom - is singing a little different tune. She assumes Bella is already having sex, by telling Bella to be safe. Neither parent really has a conversation with Bella about this. They both assume and go by the myths of teenage girls/daughters.

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